The Classified Disease of Obesity

         Obesity is an epidemic that needs to be treated with compassion. On Tuesday, June 18, 2013 the American Medical Association (AMA)formerly identified obesity as a disease. Obesity is a distressing illness that 7.9 million people suffer from in the United States, that’s 33 percent of adults and 17 percent of children. …

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This is Water, David Foster Wallace.

This is Water by David Foster Wallace.  Commencement speech, This is water.   < WATCH VIDEO!!! Life Changing, To begin, in David Foster Wallace’s Speech “this is water” he discusses the importance of reality that are frequently hardest to see and speak about. And how in the day to day trenches of adult existence, teaching you …

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What is the big fuss about Orangetheory Fitness?!

Orangetheory Fitness is not your typical walk in"GYM". Orangetheory Fitness is a reservation based studio. Meaning, members book their classes  on the Orangetheory Fitness app. Each class holds  24-26 members during the  60 minute full body workout. Each workout is the perfect balance of aerobic and anaerobic training. Half endurance and half strength and conditioning. The …

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