What is the big fuss about Orangetheory Fitness?!


Orangetheory Fitness is not your typical walk in”GYM”. Orangetheory Fitness is a reservation based studio. Meaning, members book their classes  on the Orangetheory Fitness app. Each class holds  24-26 members during the  60 minute full body workout.

Each workout is the perfect balance of aerobic and anaerobic training. Half endurance and half strength and conditioning. The workouts rely on heart rate-based interval training that combines cardiovascular and strength exercises. The classes are led by a professional coach playing motivation music and ensure you don’t over train or under train.

When you take your first OTF class you’ll be handed a heart rate monitor in which will help you control your workout as you watch your heart rate fluctuate into different zones in real time, on the big screens.

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Each session includes a mix of high-intensity intervals completed on treadmills, WATER rowing machines, TRX straps and free weights.

 While the workouts and the instructors change from one day to the next to keep things interesting, all sessions are structured to accommodate a variety of fitness levels. You do not have to be a professional athlete to join OTF, you can be a power walker, jogger, or runner. This is why OTF is for everyone!


For instance, during a treadmill workout in an Orangetheory class, “base pace” is 71–83% of your max heart rate, “push pace” is 84–91% of max heart rate and “all-out” sprinting is 92% or greater of your max heart rate.

This type of workout is all about pushing yourself to the max for short periods of time and then allowing for brief rest before ramping the intensity back up. In an Orangetheory class, this may mean running for a couple of minutes at a relatively easy “base pace,” a couple minutes at a somewhat uncomfortable “push pace” and then maybe a minute of all-out sprinting, followed by walking recovery.


Instead of trusting your perceived effort, you have cold, hard data to guide you through the workout. Those numbers are displayed on a big screen to help you keep track of things like calories burned, average heart rate and max heart rate. At the end of your workout you are sent a performance summary to your email so you can monitor your progress over time. You may also keep track of all your workouts through their “The OT-beat app”. ( This APP is different from their booking app however, you may use this app to direct you to their booking app.)

All together, during an Orangetheory workout, you work through a five-zone interval training session called the “Orange 60.” During the hour long session, they estimate that you’ll perform at 84% or higher of your max heart rate (zones 4 and 5), known as the “Orange Zone,” for 12–20 minutes.

Remember, those high-intensity 12–20 minutes are dispersed throughout the 60-minute workout and include running, rowing and strength exercises.The results create a big after burn effect, allowing your body to continue burning calories long after you stop sweating.

Woman burn up to 600 calories and men up to 1000 calories.  When done properly your body will then continue to burn calories 24-36 hours after you stop sweating. Totaling 500- 1,000 calories burned when all is said and done. This is called the “after burn” Also known as EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) occurs when your rate of oxygen intake increases after a hard workout.

If you are ready to see what all the fuss is about, Orangetheory Fitness offers first timers a FREE session! Check out Orangetheory Fitness  and reserve your class at your nearest location. 

There is over 500 Studios Nation wide and they’re world wide too!

Read more about Ellen Latham HERE.


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