Love Set on Fire.


Hopeless Lover of words who found true love at a young age and after that it was never the same. My heart beats in tune with yours as the universe collapse around us there’s no place more perfect than being here in your presence watching it all fall apart.

God created us for one another and he knew we would find the true meaning of love once we discovered him. You didn’t find me, I found you. After convincing myself we were wrong for each other the universe insisted and rekindled our love.

I realized beside you is where I belong.  Even in our most broken stages of life we found how to love each other’s wounds profoundly, in ways that no one else would understand.

I saw passed all the reason why I should leave and held on to the one reason why I stayed. Even over looked our instability and saw you for who you wanted to be before you ever became it.

We believed in love when there was no love, no trust, just passed hurt and regrets. You lifted me up when I was trampled on the floor by my own blood. I stayed by your side and even when we were far apart my thoughts were always with you.

This is why you and I are one with the universe because you are my soul mate. You were created for me and I was created for you.

Xoxo omi


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